It is time for a new YOU!

Welcome to your journey to a new and improved you! A new you will improve your life (your mental and emotional health, your outlook and view of the world around you, your stress and traumas, and your future), your relationships and family, your parenting and care for others, and your career or job! Your emotional health, mental health, relationships, family and friendships, and spiritual health are important to us. We work with people of all, or no, faiths and we respect all people of all (any) faiths, backgrounds and lifestyles, and all ages (children, youth, teen and adults).

We believe that
healthy hearts, healthy minds, healthy marriages, healthy parenting, healthy friendships, and healthy work and school lives are all important to your quality of life. We are here to help you get there.

Okanagan Christian Counselling is a team of Registered Counsellors, Christian Counsellors, Prayer Counsellors, Life Coaches, and Mentors and offers three methods of help for people in need: preventative help to prepare for life ahead of time (before crises hit), help when something is already wrong, and conflict resolution services to help resolve conflicts and assist clients in resolution and restoring peace in their lives.

We offer some great counselling, programs, workshops and support for all ages, including children and youth! Talk to us about your counselling, life coaching and/or mentorship needs and see what we can do. We take very seriously your time of need, and will meet you in the middle of it with compassion, empathy, understanding and support.


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We use a five-fold counselling approach with clients, addressing the emotional, the mental/psychological, the physical, the spiritual, and the relational (social, behavioural) with a focus on healing and recovery. Each of these areas hold great importance in people's lives, and are closely intertwined within dysfunctions, addictions, mental health disorders, relationship and family challenges, family systems and generational unhealth, physical pain and disease, learning and processing delays, and identity/emotional issues.

We offer counselling, coaching and conflict resolution in a wide variety of areas. We are Trauma-Informed, and work with trauma of all kinds, addictions (including sex and pornography), mental health (including Personality, Mood and Dissociative Disorders), emotional health (including anxiety/panic, grief, and self harm), eating disorders and food therapy, ADHD/Autism, and spiritual health (including ritual abuse, cult and spiritual abuse, prayer, deliverance and inner healing).

We offer Teen Mentorship with Matthew (activity based; sports, exercise, Scandia, Energyplex, etc) to bring together professional mentorship with teens who prefer to stay busy while processing and learning. Talk to us about your teen's mentorship needs and we can work out a plan and schedule that works!

We offer Life Coaching for all ages! Life Coaching is like counselling except that it is a bit more collaborative, plan-of-action based, with support and accountability. Talk to us about our Life Transitions Coaching, Emotional Coaching, Sexual Health/Abuse/Disorder Coaching, Parenting Coaching, Sleep Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Physical Health (overcoming disease and disorder) Coaching, and Teen Coaching.

Deana Van Fleet offers Relational Trauma Consulting for the general public and for colleagues. Her consulting is focused toward those involved with (relationally or professionally) traumatic, abusive, violent, manipulative, controlling, and/or power-differential relationships. These relationships can be in a marriage, in a teen relationship, in a workplace employment, in a church ministry/cult or anyplace that trauma, control and abuse over another person occurs. Talk to Deana about her Relational Trauma Consulting here.

Deana Van Fleet offers INTERN PROGRAMS for new professionals entering the coaching or counselling workforce, and Certificate Programs in a variety of subjects for colleagues wanting further in-depth study and group experience. (More info will be added soon).

Coming soon: Video series by Deana, on a whole range of subjects that you, your family, and your marriage will be able to relate to (watch for "Let's Talk About" by Deana Van Fleet)

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Support Groups, Classes and Workshops

Costs, Monthly Rate Packages





Support Groups, Classes and Workshops

At Okanagan Christian Counselling, we understand the importance of family, of healthy relationships, and of peace. We offer Christian-focused counselling, support and workshops to help people build relationships, overcome difficult times, and create healthy connections in family, at work, at school, and in community. Whether it’s relationship counselling, adult, youth or children's counselling, youth (activity based) mentoring, counselling for trauma (and PTSD and CPTSD), anxiety or depression, loss and grief, ADHD, eating disorders, OCD, addictions (including sex and pornography addiction), Autism, mood disorders or personality disorders, or Life Coaching you are sure to find the changes and support your family needs here at Okanagan Christian Counselling. We ensure our clients receive compassionate care from our trained, certified and Registered Therapists, Psychotherapists and Christian Counsellors. Our welcoming counsellors have years of experience in Christian-based therapy in Kelowna, West Kelowna, throughout the Okanagan, and across BC and Alberta, and actively work to make your concerns heard and addressed through a variety of collaborative therapeutic techniques. Come see for yourself why Okanagan Christian Counselling should be your source for all your counselling needs.

We offer many relationship-focused, mental health-focused, parenting and Christian-based programs, workshops and support groups for people at every stage in life. No matter what challenge you’re facing, and whether you want traditional clinical counselling, Christian Counselling, or a combination of the two, Okanagan Christian Counselling is here to provide the caring support you need on your road to recovery and growth. Let us be your source for all your counselling needs so that together we can help you create healthy relationships with yourself, your spouse and family, your community, and your faith.

Before you work with any other counsellors in Kelowna, West Kelowna or anywhere else in the Okanagan Valley, BC or Alberta be sure to reach out to us first.  We are certain you won't be disappointed.  Please browse our website, reach out with any questions, and we are here when you are ready.