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Support Groups & Classes

Okanagan Writer's Guild
Introducing THE PLACE TO BE (in person or online) for writers, illustrators, story-tellers, and those people new to the craft of writing that would like support, encouragement, creative ideas, training, and comraderie while creating your works of art and finding a legacy purpose for life! Cost: $199 plus gst per year or $17.99 plus gst per month (includes weekly Writer's Guild meeting, monthly newsletter, monthly member contests and prizes, and opportunities for publishing). Signup at www.okanaganwritersguild.com

Okanagan Life Skills
Introducing skills and life-preparatory training in all areas of life, for all ages and members of the family! From cooking/sewing to hygiene/self care, from emotion regulation to social cues and dynamics, from puberty/body awareness to internet safety and sexual education, from survival skills to personal (on or off grid) life plans, from new parent to caring for aging parents, from dealing with birth to dealing with death, we cover it all. More information and signups at www.okanaganlifeskills.com 

Boundaries, Safe People and Codependancy
A 3 week summer teaching and support group
Cost: $150 plus gst includes materials
Register by phone/text at 250-718-8856 or here by email

Parent Support Group (free but requires registration)
An ongoing weekly support group for parents that are struggling with their children, pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Come join us for face to face support and comraderie amongst some of the toughest times parenting has seen. We are here to help you with what you are going through.
Time: Biweekly, Tuesdays 6:30 to 7:30 pm, with a Saturday group to come.
Cost: Free (but requires registration) -- bring your own coffee, tea or water
Register by phone/text at 250-718-8856 or here by email

Marriage Intensives and Retreats
We offer two types of Marriage Intensives and Retreats:

1. Group Marriage Retreats (6-12 couples, a full day retreat in Kelowna)
2022 Group Marriage Retreat dates:
Cost: $600 plus gst per couple  Book Here or Call 250-718-8856

2. Individual Marriage Intensives (1 couple, one on one intensive marriage counselling, equates to a year's worth of marriage counselling in one day or weekend -- this is a very effective method for marriages that need to change and heal NOW). Book a half day, a full day, two days, three days -- whatever you think is needed to go through everything you need to for your marriage. To discuss cost, email us with your details, prospective dates that you would be interested in, and we will send you cost options.

Want a Marriage Intensive course you can take from home?
Introducing A Marriage of Value
We offer a biblically based, Holy Spirit led marriage course that is very interactive, Christ-centered, and focuses on areas of value, honor, respect, truth, communication, shared healing, shared vision, desire, a love that grows, sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, and spiritual intimacy, as well as implementation or realignment of Godly leadership and relationship.

Cost is $299 plus gst + $5.50 for shipping, for the couple's course workbooks

For small group leaders, including the leader's workbook plus group reproducibles
cost is $349 plus gst

To pay by credit card, contact us for an invoice through which you can directly pay. To pay by etransfer, email to our email address info@okanaganchristiancounselling.com

To pay by cheque, contact us here for mailing address

Navigating Infidelity / After The Affair 

The trauma caused by infidelity de-rails a marriage relationship, and it also deeply wounds those involved. Infidelity injects pain, rejection, shame, doubt and many layers of dysfunctionality and emotional wounding that can be very difficult to find your way through.

What decisions need to be made?

What are my options? 

How can we heal?

I need help figuring out what I feel about everything that is going on!

We can arrange for an intensive 2-day or 1-week one-on-one set of appointments or we can see you for an hour or two every week or two and help you find your way through the pain. We can help.

Email us at info@okanaganchristiancounselling.com or by telephone/text at 250-718-8856.

Intentional Freedom

Intentional Freedom takes you through your mental, emotional, physical, physiological and spiritual health top to bottom, side to side, inside out. It looks, in detail, at your generational health, your time in the womb and birth, your childhood and family structure, and your life experiences that have brought you to where you are today.  Intentional Freedom teaches, it breaks/delivers/cuts off what you shouldn't be carrying through your life with you, and it sets you on a VICTORY PATH so that you can walk out your life, your relationships and your physical/mental/emotional health in wholeness and freedom.

"It's time to stop merely RESISTING the enemy -- it is time to DEFEAT him."

Intentional Freedom is a one-to-one program (either in person, by telephone, by email or by Skype) of 25 hours of teaching and 25 hours of personal work/homework in total, including a full comprehensive and professional intake and assessment, for a cost of $2000 plus gst.


** We also offer a variety of mini freedom courses and sessions at a lower cost, so don't let finances determine whether you get free this year or not. Ask us about our mini freedom courses if the cost for the full course is too high for you, and we will find one that suits your budget.

If you want this year, this season to be different than the last many years (or your entire life up to now), this program will be the greatest investment in your life (and future) that you can choose.  Life doesn't just "happen" to you; you have choices, decisions you can make so that you can heal, so that you can change mindsets and strongholds that keep you chained to unhealthy patterns, sicknesses, addictions, hopelessness...

It is time to take your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health OUT OF THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY, and start living out the freedom and health you were created to have.  Right now!  Register today and get started.  You will be blessed to see what God can do if only you are willing to let Him.

Your program can start when you are ready, and appointments are available in person, by telephone, by email, and by Skype.  Hours are flexible, with days, evenings and weekends available.  We recognize that not everybody is mobile (or local) in order to make in-person appointments; so please don't let your own mobility or location limit your getting the counsel and support you need. 


Freedom From Anxiety (Panic), Fear, Shame and Anger

If you feel that any or all of these control your life (or are affecting your day to day living), this teaching will change your life.

Anxiety, fear, shame and anger can all control a person's mind, thoughts, words, actions, behaviors, and even bliefs. If left to their own devices, they can take over your life and can ruin your ability to live in peace, rest,  joy and harmony with others. They can ruin  marriages, ruin friendships, and push people away from us, which can lead to loneliness, depression and despair. It's time to stop these feelings NOW.

This online teaching takes an in-depth look at all four of these feelings -- anxiety, fear, shame and anger, and examines not just how they work together to ruin your life, but also the roots of where they came from (so that you can be free from them).

$250 per person, includes manual and custom freedom plan

Questions and Rgistrations: Email us here

(Adults) Escape and Overcome The Occult
Find freedom from the ensnaring hold of the ‘forever searching’ for answers, healing, wholeness, new levels of enlightenment, etc. and finally STOP THE INSANITY so that you can live your life in peace, health, joy and love!

The nature of the occult is deception -- it sounds as though if you continue to search for the elusive answers for your ever-growing list of health, emotional and psychological 'symptoms', you will find light and 'one with the universe' and 'total fulfillment'... but this is not truth. The more you search, the more symptoms arise and the deeper into deception you fall.  At some point you realize you have dug a hole for yourself that is almost impossible for you to get out of.

This online workshop will lead you out of that black hole, will heal you from the damage done from the 'forever searching for answers', and will restore your body, mind and spirit back to its whole and natural state.  It's time to declare: NO MORE SEARCHING!

$250 per person, includes manual and custom freedom plan

Questions and Registration: Email us here

Everybody is in need sometimes.  Needing some support and counsel is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength for yourself, your family, for your marriage, for your children.  A peaceful home is worth it.  Let us help.  We are available.  Okanagan Christian Counselling.  

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